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SC-114 Group Product Info


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Short-faced Bear Skeleton, Disarticulated
SC-114-D $15,987.00

An inhabitant of North America, the impressive short-faced bear (Arctodus simus) was both fast and huge (this specimen is over 10 feet tall when upright). With its long limbs, it would have dwarfed both the modern Kodiak as well as the Pleistocene European cave bear. Its closest surviving relative is the Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus). Those specimens from Alaska (where this one was found), known as Arctodus simus yukonensis, are typically more robust than those specimens found in more southern latitudes. We are grateful to the Babiarz Institute of Paleontological Studies for the opportunity to cast this individual.

The cranium and half of the mandible were found in excellent condition, but some sculptural reconstruction was done. The cranium was missing the canines. The mandible was missing all of its teeth. The missing half of the jaw was sculpted to mirror the existing half, and the missing teeth were sculpted to complete the skull.

No assembly instructions or hardware are included with this product.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Arctodus simus SC-114-D - $15,987.00
TOTAL 15,987.00