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Domestic Dog Comparison Economy Skull Set
COMP-143 $470.00

Big, small, tall, short, narrow, wide, and everything in between: dogs have it all. How is one species so diverse? This set of three dog skulls offers an opportunity to explore morphological diversity within a species, as well as the interdependent role they've played in human history. Set includes 3 skulls: a Saluki (long-narrow, dolichocephalic), Rottweiler (medium, mesaticephalic), and English Bulldog (short-broad, brachycephalic) skull.

Dogs and humans have a long association. Dogs have been used to assist in hunting, guarding, carting, and as companions. This set provides a launching point to discuss the role dogs have played in human history, as well as the role humans have played in shaping the form of today's dogs.

Concepts which can be explored include: How to determine which skull fits in which category. What benefit does each skull shape possess? What detriments? Natural selection vs. breeding: what is beneficial to a species survival? What features contribute to an animal's success at particular jobs: hunting, carting, guarding, lap-warming? How to predict bite force (hint: size matters).

Each skull comes in 2 parts (separate cranium & jaw).

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Canis familiaris COMP-143 SET $470.00
TOTAL 470.00