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Fossil Giant Elephant Bird Egg
KO-005 $209.00

(Acrylic Stand Included)

The giant elephant bird egg is the largest known bird egg. Its bulk is 15 times larger than an ostrich egg and 10,000 times larger than a hummingbird egg. The original egg that this was cast from was 13 inches long and 9 inches wide. Its size was reduced a little due to the casting process. Molded and cast with great care, every effort was taken to produce all the details and color of the original. This particular egg is perfect, with no holes and no cracks, only one of perhaps a dozen like it ever found. And this is thought to be the largest, most complete. Donated to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in 1917 by Caroline Hazard and Rowland G. Hazard, the original still resides in their extensive Oology collection. We are fortunate that the museum graciously granted us permission to cast it and a portion of the sales goes to the museum to continue their research. Plexiglass stand included. A custom display stand is available with or without the egg, see below.

The volume of one of its 12-inch long eggs is that of between 150-200 chicken eggs, from 1.5-2 gallons. It was perhaps the desire of Europeans for the bird’s eggs that led to this magnificent bird’s extinction.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Aepyornis maximus KO-005 12 inches x 9 inches $209.00
TOTAL 209.00