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Giant Anteater Claw
KO-140 $17.00

Reaching lengths of 7 feet (3 feet of which is a long bushy tail), the giant anteater is closely related to sloths and armadillos. Their hind feet have 5 short claws, while their forefeet possess three longer ones. Our claw measures six inches. Fierce fighters, anteaters can use their strong forelimbs and claws to defend themselves against even jaguars. The claws are also used to tear into termite nests or anthills. The anteater walks on its 'fists' with the claws curled under. The giant anteater is located in Central and South America. See our Giant Anteater Skull, BC-011.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Myrmecophaga tridactyla KO-140 6" Long along outside curve $17.00
TOTAL 17.00