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Great White Shark Jaw (small)
BC-249 $275.00

The great white shark is the largest predatory fish in the world, with females generally being larger than males. Its name refers to its white belly, but its back may range in color from a pale bluish gray to a darker brownish gray. Averaging about 13 to 16 feet and 1,500 to 2,450 pounds, the shark may reach sizes of more than 20 feet and 4,000 pounds. The shark's body is described as torpedo-shaped, fronted with a large, cone-shaped snout and sporting large pectoral and first dorsal fins. The teeth in the upper jaw are sharp, serrated triangles, while those in the lower jaw are smaller and weakly serrated. This apex predator preys primarily on marine mammals (seals, sea lions, dolphins) and fishes (sharks and rays) in coastal temperate and subtropical waters.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Carcharodon carcharias BC-249   9 ¼" W x 6 ½" H   23.4W X 16.4H (cm) $275.00
TOTAL 275.00