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Harpy Eagle Leg
KO-243 $210.00

(Base Included)

Harpy eagles are highly endangered due to poaching, habitat loss from illegal logging, and a very low reproduction rate of 1 chick every 2-3 years. These magnificent winged treasures teeter on the brink of extinction and require intensive conservation and educational measures to reverse their fortunes.

At 18 pounds of fierce flying power, female harpy eagles are the heaviest of all birds of prey. They have a body/tail length of almost 3.5 feet with a wingspan of 6.5 to 7 feet. Their legs and talons are among the most powerful weapons in the animal kingdom, with a crushing power of several hundred pounds of pressure/ Ending in sharp 5" curved talons, the same size as those of a 1000-pound Grizzly bear, a harpy eagle can easily pierce and crush the chest or skull of their victim, instantly killing them. This highly effective killing strategy allows them to attack, dispatch, and transport their prey - without the danger of the prey fighting back, all while the eagles remain in uninterrupted flight.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Harpia harpyja KO-243 17 ¼" Long $210.00
TOTAL 210.00