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SC-125 Group Product Info


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Horse Hyoid
SC-125-HY $139.00

The hyoid apparatus consists of the stylohyoid bones (these are the long pair), which connect to the skull's styloid processes, the thyrohyoid bones (these are the shorter pair), which connect to the larynx, and the lingual process, which has a fragile extension into the base of the tongue. If the horse's tongue is manipulated roughly, the hyoid bone may break or dislocate. The hyoid is implicated in the horse's senses of taste, hearing, and balance. Damage to this important apparatus can have serious consequences.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Equus caballus SC-125-HY 9 1/2" Long, 3 1/4" Wide, 2 3/4" High $139.00
TOTAL 139.00