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Human Adult Premium Foot, Beauchene Style
KO-339-KB $248.00

This Beauchene-style version of a human foot is designed so that the individual bones slide away from one another when one pulls on the nylon wire. This allows for the study of the articulating surfaces of each of the bones, which can be inspected from any angle. At the same time, the bones are securely anchored at each extremity so there is no risk of the assembly coming apart. If you desire durability and realistic detail, this product is an ideal substitute for natural bone. Another Bone Clones® Premium osteological product for teaching human anatomy!

If you have a preference of right or left side, let us know in the comment section during checkout. Otherwise, we will choose.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens KO-339-KB - $248.00

Bone Clones® bag for skulls and skeletal parts, useful for carrying and storing any number of Bone Clones® products. Its roomy 12" x 18" size makes it suitable for most human, hominid, and primate skulls, as well as many other medium-sized Bone Clones®. You can even use it for transporting your natural bone skulls. The soft grey flannel offers gentle protection and the sturdy braided cord provides a secure closure. If you're unsure whether a certain product will fit, feel free to contact us to check.

Catalogue # Size Price
BA-100 12" W x 18" L $14.00
TOTAL 248.00