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KO-340 Group Product Info


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Human Comparative Fetal Osteology Collection
KO-340-CSET $670.00

Thorough and accurate evaluation of human skeletal remains demands a detailed understanding of human skeletal morphology at all stages of development. Access to a high quality reference set of fetal remains of known age is critical for learners, teachers, and practitioners alike. Bone Clones® is proud to offer the world's only fetal osteology reference set to span the intrauterine growth period from 13 weeks to full term. This collection of both cranial and postcranial remains is a fantastic addition to any osteology/anthropology teaching or service laboratory.

Cast from real bones, these 53 postcranial skeletal elements are excellent representations of human osteology during fetal development. They can easily be utilized as reference material by laboratories that study subadult remains; alternatively, they can be evaluated by students as part of their hands-on training in human fetal osteology.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens KO-340-CSET - $670.00
TOTAL 670.00