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Human Female Pelvis, 1:4 scale
KO-S03 $37.00

1:4 scale. A remarkably detailed pelvis for one so small. The bony pelvis is the most useful tool in the forensic determination of sex. The cup-shaped female sacrum is shorter and wider than the male sacrum. Female innominate bones may have a pre-auricular sulcus anterior to the sacrioiliac joint, although this finding is of questionable usefulness in sex determination. The greater sciatic notch is wide and round in females, and narrow and long in males. The subpubic angle is markedly greater in females, and the anterior pubis may have a ventral arc, a vertically oriented ridge of bone found with greater frequency in female innominates.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens KO-S03  2 ½" W x 2" H (6.4 x 5 cm) $37.00
TOTAL 37.00