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SC-092 Group Product Info


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Human Male Asian Pelvis, Articulated
KO-093-P $177.00

This articulated human male pelvis is from the Human Male Asian Skeleton, SC-092. The totality of pelvic features is most in keeping with male sex. The pelvic inlet is somewhat “heart-shaped”. The innominate bones are somewhat rugged and have prominent sites for musculofascial attachment. The greater sciatic notch is narrow. The subpubic angle is acute. The pubis is not significantly widened. The obturator foramen is large and somewhat ovoid. The sacrum is tall, narrow, and not prominently curved (in the anteroposterior plane).

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens KO-093-P 10" L x 8" W $177.00
TOTAL 177.00