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SC-282 Group Product Info


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Indri Lemur Skeleton, Articulated
SC-282-A $3,300.00 $2,970.00

(Stand, resin log and base included)

Indris inhabit a small area in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar. With feet best described as prehensile, indri lemurs are characterized as vertical clingers and leapers in the trees. The virtually tail-less indri bounds from branch to branch up to 30 feet with a loaded spring-like motion made possible by the length and strength of its back legs. The length differential between the front and hind limbs is quite apparent in our skeleton. When not leaping or climbing, they generally cling to a vertical support, the posture represented in the mounting of our articulated skeleton. The log shown here is a cast and, along with the base, is supplied with the articulated skeleton. We are grateful to the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology for lending us this remarkable specimen.

All individual postcranial bones are also available, See the SC-282 Group Page.

Conservation Status: Endangered


Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Indri indri SC-282-A 28" Tall, 12" Wide (on Log with Base) $2,970.00
TOTAL 2,970.00