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Jane GoodallJane GoodallJane Goodall

Gino Acevedo taking a life-cast of Dr. Jane Goodall’s hand

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make" – Jane Goodall

Hand-in-Hand Limited Edition of 200, personally hand-signed by Dr. Jane Goodall and individually hand-numbered. Made of bronze-finished resin on a brass stand and resin base. The brass front-plaque is inscribed with her famous quote "Together We Can Change The World." An informational legend and the limited edition total of 200 is inscribed on the back plaque which will be individually hand-numbered until the edition is sold out. Includes a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by artist Gino Acevedo and Bone Clones, Inc. Managing Director David Kronen.

the Jane Goodall Institute

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of peace, humanitarian and perhaps the most influential scientist to ever study animal behavior, began her research into the wild chimpanzees of the Gombe in July, 1960. With passion and dedication, little formal training, and an open mind, she ventured into the wilderness of what is now Tanzania. Carrying only binoculars and a notebook, she embarked on what has become the longest running and most significant scientific study of wild chimpanzees. Her unconventional methods, patience and quiet observation led to revolutionary discoveries that changed the very definition of "mankind." Human beings could no longer be viewed as the sole toolmaker nor the only possessors of individual personality. Her published discoveries and observations broadened our view of the relationship between people, animals and their environments.
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Gino Acevedo, award winning visual effects artist and creative art director best known for his work on the Lord of the Rings films, long hoped he could help the Jane Goodall Foundation. "I have always had a fascination with primates, particularly chimps and idea was to take a hand cast of Jane's hand holding a chimp's hand and turn it into a statue. I thought this was a perfect bonding and symbolism of Jane's dedication to the conservation of the species."

Bone Clones, Inc. is pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jane Goodall and Gino Acevedo on this commemorative life-cast sculpture of Jane and a Chimpanzee hand-in-hand. Gino and Dr. Goodall met during her 2014 visit to the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand. He explained his concept and showed her a prototype. She loved it, and agreed to have her hand cast. To finalize development he turned to Bone Clones, Inc.; "I always had my friends at Bone Clones in mind to produce the statues because of their utmost quality."