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Male Bone Box
COMP-110-M $856.00

(Carrying Case S-82 Included)

COMP-110-M provides an economical alternative to the purchase of an entire skeleton or a half skeleton. COMP-110-M is a collection of key bones from an adult male skeleton (skeleton is greater than 35 years of age). Collection includes long bones, the fifth rib, key vertebrae, rigidly articulated hand and foot, hyoid, clavicle, scapula, sternum plate, innominate, sacrum, coccyx and patella. (All paired bones are from the left side of the skeleton.) In addition to these associated bones, the kit also provides an exceptionally detailed skull featuring a removable calvarium and spring hinged jaw. This set is detailed enough to offer an excellent model for teaching introductory anatomy to medical, dental, nursing, and undergraduate anatomy students. With the diminished availability of natural bone skeletons, Bone Clones products are increasingly used in advanced anatomical and osteological instruction.  Carrying Case S-82 included.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens COMP-110-M SET $856.00
TOTAL 856.00