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SC-046 Group Product Info


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Florida Manatee Rib
KO-146-R $83.00

The Bone Clones® manatee rib retains the nuanced texture of the original. While this aquatic mammal is largely herbivorous, it may sometimes feed on fish or invertebrates. These massive fusiform (torpedo shaped) animals average 10 feet long and weigh around 1,000 lbs. They have two agile front paddle-like forelimbs, a broad fin-like tail, and powerful upper lips, which they use to forage through sediment and maneuver food. Manatees are more closely related to elephants, hyraxes and aardvarks than to seemingly similar cetaceans (whales and dolphins). Large, docile animals, they live in warm coastal waters and estuaries and are endangered due to changes in climate, commercial exploitation, subsistence hunting and, most recently, propeller boat injuries. A perfect companion to the Manatee Skull, BC-046, the Manatee Skeleton, SC-046-A, or Forelimb, KO-146.

If you have a preference of right or left side, let us know in the comment section during checkout. Otherwise, we will choose.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Trichechus manatus KO-146-R 12" Long $83.00
TOTAL 83.00