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SC-010 Group Product Info


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Mandrill Baboon Pelvis
KO-210-P $249.00

The baboon's skeletal structure shows modifications for walking on land (rather than in trees). Although able to climb trees and walk upright, mandrill baboons primarily walk and run on all fours. This mode of locomotion is especially efficient since their front and hind limbs are of nearly equal length. The baboon pelvis is from the same individual as the Mandrill Skull, BC-010. The mandrill baboon pelvis is an excellent pelvis for comparisons with the Bone Clones® human and great ape pelvis.

Click here for the full Mandrill Baboon skeleton and additional individual bones.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Mandrillus sphinx KO-210-P 8" L x 5 ½" W $249.00
TOTAL 249.00