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Modern Sperm Whale Tooth
KO-213 $44.00

Macrocephalus perfectly describes the sperm whale's large head, which makes up 33% of their huge bulk. Each side of their slender mandible contains 20-26 large conical 8" teeth while the upper jaw may only have a few unerupted remnants. Sperm whales seemingly don't need their teeth to catch giant squid prey as many healthy but toothless whales are commonly found. The skin of many "bull whales" is often scarred by tooth marks from other whales, so it is thought that their teeth serve primarily for fighting among adult males. They have the largest brain of any known animal species in history and can dive to depths of over one mile while holding their breath for up to 90 minutes. Males don't reach their maximum size until almost 50 years old and can live over 70 years.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Physeter catodon KO-213 8" Long along outside curve $44.00
TOTAL 44.00