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Moloch Lizard (Life Cast)
CTOM-01 $216.00

The moloch lizard (also known as mountain devil or thorny devil) is found in arid to semi-desert regions of inland Australia. Smallish lizards, covered with conical spines, they are non-aggressive, preferring to avoid predation by changing color, inflating with air or tucking their heads to expose a spiny knob on the back of their neck (which could be confused with their head). The moloch's diet consists almost entirely of ants. They have a system of grooves in their skin leading to their mouth, and can drink the dew that forms on their back or extract water from moist soil via capillary action. Our Bone Clones® lifecast of this moloch lizard captures the remarkable spiny texture and beautiful, detailed coloration of the original.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Moloch horridus CTOM-01 5" Long $216.00
TOTAL 216.00