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Northern Cardinal Egg
KO-402 $23.00

(Acrylic stand included)

The northern cardinal is a prolific songbird occurring from Canada through North and Central America, The male is easily recognized by its bright red plumage and bill and a large crest on its head. Nests of the northern cardinal are built by the female and are found in shrubs or vine tangle made of twigs usually 4-6 ft up. The eggs of these songbirds incubate for 11-13 days, with the chicks fledging after another week or two. View our North American Bird Egg Collection.

As with all Bone Clones® products, only the finest casting materials are used to cast our North American bird egg series. Our expert artists paint each with meticulous care to match the eggs that were used in the casting process. Each egg is hand painted with permanent dyes and sealed with a resistant coating that makes it ideal for handling, study, teaching, as well as for display. In nature, eggs vary from region to region as well as from bird to bird. The colors and patterns used were determined by the egg used as well as reference material to find a happy medium that would be representative of the species.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Cardinalis cardinalis KO-402 1" H x ¾" W $23.00
TOTAL 23.00