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Red Kangaroo Arm, Articulated
KO-520 $430.00

The red kangaroo is the largest living marsupial and lives in the central part of Australia. They are powerfully built animals with short forelimbs, long hindlimbs and a muscular tail. Kangaroo forelimbs are heavily clawed and are used with great dexterity in grooming, eating and self-defense. Kangaroos are known for their unique mode of saltatorial locomotion (hopping on four limbs), called ricochetal locomotion (hopping only on hindlimbs). While this is an energy efficient mode of locomotion for a kangaroo, there is instability in the body during the hopping phase. This is where their massive tail plays a key role. During bipedal hopping, the hind legs swing backwards as the massive tail swings forward acting as a counterweight and provides the kangaroo with stability during the hop. These impressive animals can cover 9 meters in one hop and reach speeds up to 40mph. This set provides a unique teaching tool when discussing the various modes of locomotion within the animal kingdom.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Macropus rufus KO-520 26" L, extended fully (66 cm) $430.00
TOTAL 430.00