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Red-tailed Hawk Talon
KO-022 $10.00

This talon is the perfect companion to our Red-Tailed Hawk Skull, BC-078. Found throughout Central and North America, these hawks will often migrate from harsher climates. Although they primarily feed on rodents, red-tailed hawks will often prey on other birds or reptiles. Both parents incubate eggs and provide food for their young. We gratefully acknowledge and thank the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Vertebrate Zoology section for lending us this fine specimen from their extensive collection.

Each Bone Clones® replica claw and talon, produced to our exacting standards, captures the textural detail and matches the subtle coloration of the originals.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Buteo jamaicensis KO-022 1 3/8 inches $10.00
TOTAL 10.00