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Rock Hyrax Skull
BC-070 $138.00

While it may look like a rodent, such as a rabbit or a guinea pig, the rock hyrax is actually more akin to elephants and manatees. It has long, tusk-like incisors and molars similar to a tiny rhinoceros. Secretions cause the large, soft pads on its feet to remain moist, which allows the hyrax to use its feet like suction cups when moving across rocky surfaces. They live in rocky areas in Northern and East Africa as well as in the Middle East. Vegetarians, they prefer new shoots, fruits and berries, but mostly feed on available grass. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Procavia capensis BC-070 3 ½" L x 2 ¼" W x 3" H   8.8L x 5.5W x 7.4H (cm) $138.00

This oval black resin base is suitable for use with various Bone Clones items, and is a perfect contrast for showcasing the bone-color skulls. Available in 3 sizes: small OB-01, medium OB-02, and large OB-03.

You can customize certain skulls you purchase by displaying them on the base most appropriate for the size of that skull. Intended for generally smaller skulls from our collection. You will find these bases as an accessory option on product pages where we have determined a size match between the base and the skull .

Naturally, you may find many other uses for these display bases.

Catalogue # Size Price
OB-02 3 ½" L x 6 ½" W $26.00
TOTAL 138.00