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Russian Lynx Claw
KO-058 $14.00

Russian lynx claw (KO-058). Also known as the Eurasian lynx, the Russian lynx is found in forested habitats throughout Europe and Siberia. Most lynx have a collar of long hair around their neck and under their chin. Males are generally more powerful than females, and reach a length of up to 4 1/4 feet and weight of up to 80 pounds. Russian lynx are skillful hunters that have been known to kill prey up to 4 times their own size. Despite reintroductions and conservation efforts, lynx remain rare in Western Europe.

Each Bone Clones® replica claw and talon, produced to our exacting standards, captures the textural detail and matches the subtle coloration of the originals.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Lynx lynx KO-058 1 ½" Long along outside curve $14.00
TOTAL 14.00