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Sabertooth Cat, Smilodon Skull, 1:3 Scale
TSBC-018T $172.00

(Base Included)

This 1:3 scale, incredibly detailed Smilodon fatalis (saber-toothed cat) miniature was created by scanning the full-sized (1:1) Bone Clones® BC-018T, printing at 1:3 scale, and meticulously prepping for molding. We think you will be amazed by the fidelity to its full-scale counterpart.

One of the most endearing and enduring symbols of California’s pre-historic past, and the most well-known of the machairodont (dagger-toothed) carnivores, the saber-toothed cat, Smilodon fatalis, roamed North America during the Pleistocene, about 2.5mya to 10,000 years ago. With canines measuring up to 11 inches in length from root to crown, this ferocious animal fed on bison, horse, camel and small pronghorn.

Compact and affordable, this beautifully proportioned and finished scaled down saber-toothed cat skull with custom base is perfect for the space and budget-minded, the amateur anatomist or paleontologist, or simply for the enthusiastic collector. A great gift for your favorite educator or for yourself!

Licensed to Bone Clones® by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, a portion of the sales goes to further their work.

3-part skull
(Separate cranium, jaw, and base. Sabers are not removable.)

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Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Smilodon fatalis (californicus) TSBC-018T 4 ¾" L x 2 ¾" W x 3 ¾" H 12.4L x 6.7W x 9.5H (cm) $172.00
TOTAL 172.00