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Sarcosuchus imperator Supercroc Tooth
KO-156 $35.00

Sarcosuchus imperator (flesh eating crocodile) lived during the Cretaceous period (65 144 MYA) and, with an estimated body length of 40 feet, was one of the largest crocodiles that ever walked the Earth. Sarcosuchus's jaws were lined with over 100 teeth. The teeth of the lower jaw fit inside those of the upper (modern crocodilians have teeth that interlock), which leads scientists to the conclusion that Sarcosuchus imperator did not limit its diet to fish. It is believed that Sarcosuchus was an ambush predator capable of killing large dinosaurs that wandered too close to the waters edge. Its unusual bulbous snout is thought to have given it a greater ability to smell prey and make louder sounds. First discovered in the Sahara desert by Albert-Felix de Lapparent (1964) and named by France de Broin and Phillipe Taquet in 1966, Sarcosuchus imperator has recently been given the nickname Supercroc.

Our Bone Clones® replica Supercroc Tooth captures all the structure and textural details of the original, and is painted to match its subtle coloration.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Sarcosuchus imperator KO-156 6" Long $35.00
TOTAL 35.00