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Savannah Monitor (Life Cast)
LC-272 $2,825.00

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The savannah monitor is a medium sized, robust species of lizard in the genus Varanus native to sub-Saharan Africa. Its range extends from Senegal east to Sudan and south almost to the Congo River and the Rift Valley. Its scale pattern consists of mottled and spotted stripes of dark gray, brown and muted yellow and varies according to its environment. In the wild they spend their days and much of the night sheltering in cool, moist burrows. When warmth is needed, they will bask on hot rocky platforms. Savannah monitors can also be found in leaf litter and in the branches of low bushes foraging for bugs, mollusks, and worms. Their demeanor is relatively calm compared to other monitor lizards.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Varanus exanthematicus LC-272 5' 5" (nose to tip of tail) 3' L (display footprint) $2,825.00
TOTAL 2,825.00