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Set of 9 Fossil Hominid Skulls
BH-KRO-1 $2,490.00

Nine milestone discoveries representing a timeline of, and the diversity in, human lineage. Set of 9 fossil hominid skulls includes 3 Homo specimens (habilis, erectus, neanderthalensis, ergaster), 4 Australopithecines (2 africanus and a boisei), and a Kenyanthropus. For more detailed information on each specimen, please see its page (link below). All items are available individually but have been discounted for a significant savings when purchased as a set. Please check out the rest of our Fossil Hominids category. We also offer a wide selection of Homo sapiens specimens. Please see our Human Anatomy category. The Bone Clones® Fossil Hominid line is composed of discoveries from anatomically modern humans, archaic humans, early Homo, early hominins, and other hominids. The majority of the casts in this line have been recreated by our team of anatomical sculptors. Some are reconstructions made by anthropology professionals using fragmentary elements from original discoveries and extrapolating the missing parts from those (i.e. Neanderthal skeleton). Display stands for this set are listed below. BH-KRO-01 consists of: 

BH-002 Homo habilis - KNM-ER 1813
BH-038 Homo erectus - "Peking Man"
BH-007 Australopithecus africanus - Sts 5 "Mrs. Ples"
BH-009-2 Neanderthal - La Chapelle-aux-Saints
BH-012 Homo ergaster - KNM-WT 15000 "Nariokotome boy"
BH-015 Australopithecus boisei - OH 5 - Zinjanthropus
BH-016 Australopithecus africanus - "Taung Child"
BH-020 Kenyanthropus platyops
BH-021T Australopithecus afarensis - "Lucy" - dark

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Set BH-KRO-1 Set $2,490.00

Includes one custom display stand for each of the 9 skulls listed in the set. Shown here is a typical stand having a metal base and rod with a resin cradle, coated with thin rubber to prevent scratching and damage to paint on skull. Please note that the cradle is custom-made for each different specimen. Color and shape may vary from the sample shown.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Display Stands S-BH-KRO-1 - $515.00
TOTAL 2,490.00