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Siamang Pelvis Assembly
KO-147-P $199.00

Pelvis and femur from the siamang skeleton. Siamangs and other gibbons have the longest arms proportional to their body size of all the primates and have many skeletal adaptations to better enable their canopy lifestyle. Their thumb articulates uniquely among higher apes, extending from the wrist rather than the palm, which allows a much wider range of motion. They have the forward facing, wide-set eyes, short rostrum, and globular, larger brain case typical of most hominoids.

Articulated and disarticulated complete Bone Clones® replica siamang skeleton available. We are able to offer individual bones from any of the skeletons we produce, including a large selection of great ape hands, feet, pelvis assemblies, bones and sets. If you do not see what you need, please inquire.

Conservation Status: Endangered


Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Symphalangus syndactylus KO-147-P 6" L x 6" W $199.00
TOTAL 199.00