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Sloth Bear Claws Set of 20 in Riker Box
KO-062-SET-20 $321.00

The sloth bear survives in a variety of habitats from grassland to forest. It is distinguished by long, rough fur around its rear, shoulders, neck and ears. Its color varies from reddish to brown with a lighter, or even white, muzzle. The sloth bear uses its claws to tear open ant and termite nests, then closes its nostrils, purses its lips and sucks up the insects through the gap formed by its missing incisors. It is said that the sound of a sloth bear eating insects can be heard almost 200 meters away. The long claws of the sloth bear limit its tree climbing ability; however, early explorers observed them hanging upside down in trees and referred to them as "bear sloth".

Each Bone Clones® replica claw and talon, produced to our exacting standards, captures the textural detail and matches the subtle coloration of the originals.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Melursus ursinus KO-062-SET-20 12" L x 16" W x 1" D $321.00
TOTAL 321.00