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Stingray Tail Spine
KO-098 $50.00

The stingray is mostly docile, very rarely inflicting serious injuries on humans. When profoundly disturbed, it will swing its tail with enough force to pierce flesh and, at the same time, release poison. Functioning much like a fish hook, the tail's many barbs keep the spine in place while the poison flows into the wound.

Stingray spines are composed of tissue called placoid scales. Placoid scales are similar in composition to teeth, with a blood-supplied pulp cavity and an exterior layer of dentine. Unlike cartilage, which comprises most of the skeleton, this tissue does not break down over time.

The original of this specimen is from Thailand. We are grateful to Dr. Gordon Hubbell, who generously loaned us this specimen.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Dasyatis sp. KO-098 8 ½" Long $50.00
TOTAL 50.00