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Cave Myotis Bat Skull, 8:1 Scale
TSBC-334 $199.00

(Shown for scale with life-size cave myotis skull, sold separately.)

The majority of Bone Clones® are created by making molds of original bone material. In limited instances, such as when the details of an original are too small to be seen with the naked eye, we employ 3D scanning and printing technology, hand detail the printed version to match the original specimen, and then use it to make our product mold. The minute size of the cave myotis bat skull makes it a challenge to study the delicate cranial structures of this insectivore. Here, we scanned the skull, increased the size of the image 8 times then printed the enlarged skull, allowing for detailed study of the skull, teeth, and unique ear morphology that make bat echolocation (sonar) possible. This skull is also available in its natural size. Please see BC-334 Cave Myotis Bat Skull.

The cave myotis (Myotis velifer) is a medium sized, cave dwelling bat found in the southwestern United States and in Central America. This species hunts pre-dawn and after dusk, using echolocation to precisely locate prey and avoid obstacles. Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight possible because of elongated metacarpals and phalanges connected by the wing membrane. North American bat families can be split into two large groups to aid in the identification of a specimen; those with a complete palate and those without a complete palate. The cave myotis has an incomplete palate – a notch in the front of the skull between the upper canines – which is characteristic of the Vespertilionidae family to which it belongs.

2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw)

More About How Bone Clones Uses 3D Printing and Scanning

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Myotis velifer TSBC-334 5 ¼" L x 3 ¼" W x 3 ¼" H   13.3L x 8.4W x 8.4H (cm) $199.00

Bone Clones® bag for skulls and skeletal parts, useful for carrying and storing any number of Bone Clones® products. Its roomy 12" x 18" size makes it suitable for most human, hominid, and primate skulls, as well as many other medium-sized Bone Clones®. You can even use it for transporting your natural bone skulls. The soft grey flannel offers gentle protection and the sturdy braided cord provides a secure closure. If you're unsure whether a certain product will fit, feel free to contact us to check.

Catalogue # Size Price
BA-100 12" W x 18" L $14.00

This oval black resin base is suitable for use with various Bone Clones items, and is a perfect contrast for showcasing the bone-color skulls. Available in 3 sizes: small OB-01, medium OB-02, and large OB-03.

You can customize certain skulls you purchase by displaying them on the base most appropriate for the size of that skull. Intended for generally smaller skulls from our collection. You will find these bases as an accessory option on product pages where we have determined a size match between the base and the skull .

Naturally, you may find many other uses for these display bases.

Catalogue # Size Price
OB-02 3 ½" L x 6 ½" W $26.00
TOTAL 199.00