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Set of 7 Primate Skulls, Half Scale
KAM-SET-7 $650.00

1:2 scale casts of 7 primate skulls provide an overview of speciation and evolution. These wonderfully detailed miniatures were sculpted by Steve Wagner. The set includes Australopithecus afarensisAustralopithecus boiseiHomo erectusHomo neanderthalensis, a gorilla, a chimpanzee, and a modern human. Portable, durable and precise, this is a great set for quick and easy primate and hominid comparison. Each skull comes with its own identification card, attached by a cord, as well as additional printed reference material. These 1:2 scale skulls are also available individually here.

We also produce a full-size primate skull set, BH-KRO-3. That full-size set includes skulls that are either cast from real specimens, or sculpted based on real specimens. The sculpted 1:2 scale KAM-SET-7 skulls are not from the same specimens, but are more generalized representations of the same species for a more economical price.

Reduced scale models decrease the overall height, width and depth of the model in the same proportion compared to the original. Smaller scale models may appear smaller than one might expect because the volume they occupy, or amount of space they take up, is far less.

Click here to view the individual 1:2 scale skulls from this set

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Set KAM-SET-7 - $650.00

The base accepts the 7 individual Skulls 1:2 scale for display.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Display Base S-KAM-SET-7-2 - $104.00
TOTAL 650.00